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Hampton Park Secondary

Year 9’s and 10’s of Hampton park, congratulations and thank you for an incredible 3 days of joy, laughter, and pushing the boundaries of what you thought you could do! Throughout your experience, we ran, climbed, crawled, and splashed our way to a good time with an abundance of games, activities, and one bigger than anticipated Mud Course. Some of your clear favourites being, Giant Swing, Snowy River Challenge, Monster, and Summit Window.

Your main team activity Snowy River Challenge had you working together to conquer a big wall, log walk, a deceptively challenging wire bridge, and a wonky swing. We saw new things, strategies, and people taking chances and getting outside of their comfort zone. The group times for this challenging group activity is as follows;

Ledge 22:36

Meatball and Spaghetti 25:39

Rockers 41:46

51 cents 23:50

Shooters 18:18

Unicorns 37:27

Kosciuszko 28:12

To all of you, thank you for sharing so many incredible moments with us, allowing us to be a part of the fun, laughter, and success you experienced. You all embodied our 5 Keys and took on every activity with a wicked attitude. Not only were we stoked to see you have an incredible time during the 1st lap of the Monster Course, but you all deserve another congratulation for the way you came together as a team and supported each other to achieve something wonderful in the second lap (even if we did lose a few of you to the showers). Your determination and resilience were evident and we could see you all truly playing all in and having all the fun! Your incredible improvement times are as follows;

Ledge 13:11

Meatball and Spaghetti 6:45

Rockers 11

51 cents 12:15

Shooters 15

Unicorns 11:20

Kosciuszko 13:56

A huge WHOOOOO!!!! to the fantastic Values winners; Jay, Marty, EJ, Talarsee, Fareshta, Tyson, and Lachie. Your peers voted for you, however, we as coaches can all agree you all deserved the individual acknowledgment for your commitment to pushing yourself, inspiring others, and ultimately taking the chance to see what you are truly capable of.

Although it was a short time, it was a great time! We hope you left with a belief in yourself that you can do more than you think and no matter what the task is, if you set some goals, take it one step at a time, you'll feel proud and successful.

Keep being awesome, learning from each other, and pushing yourselves in the direction you want to go, from all your Summit coaches; Mia, Timmay, Jac, Centauri, Logan, Ella, Sarah, Soph, and Steph.


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