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Kororoit Creek Primary School - Year 6 Blog

It has been an amazing three days with the year 6’s and their teachers and parent helpers from Kororoit Creek PS. The weather had turned on to hot and sunny and the energy from the sun made us perform at our best. The start of camp kicked off with each of the tribes deciding on a name. Welcome to The Wild Warriors, The Creekers, The Golden Fires, Dynamite Chicken Wings, No Names, Boomers, Nick’s Minions, D8, Coven Campers, Federation French Fries, Legendary Legends, and Dino Nuggies.

Here are the full results from each of the tribe challenges.

Bush Challenge:

Dino Nuggies 46.05

The Wild Warriors 38.47

Legendary Legends 35.48

Boomers 31.12

Coven Campers 30.45

Nicks Minions 29.59

D8 29.00

Winning was Federation French Fries with a time of 27.21

Photo Scavenger Hunt Points:

Dynamite Chicken Wings 230

Nicks Minions 240

Coven Campers 250

D8 360

Boomers 400

Golden Fires 500

No Names 610

Winning with 660 points was The Creekers.

Monster Course Improvement Time:

The Wild Warriors 4.26

Coven Campers 5.25

Federation French Fries 6.10

D8 improved 7.20

Nick's Minions 8.26

The Creekers 10.50

No Names 11.16

Dino Nuggies12.23

Dynamite Chicken Wings 13.05

Legendary Legends 13.35

The Golden Fires 16.02

Winning with a time of 17.00 was Boomers

There were so many outstanding efforts throughout camp mentioned through GMIC, a lot of which came from the Snake and Nails challenge. So many people faced fears, setting challenges for themselves to touch/hold the snake or walk across the nail board. What a place to be to see so many brave people.

At the end of the camp, each tribe voted for an outstanding person. They were recognized for living by the Five Keys to Camp, (Having Fun, Playing All IN, Making Lots of Mistakes, Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Don't Go Home Wondering). Congratulations to Jack, Angelo, Mia, Cooper, Brandon, Leon, Hugo, Teo, Thomas, Mason, Zubair and Billy.

Thank you again to everyone who came to the Summit. We are so grateful that you were able to unleash your greatness with us.


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