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Lakes Entrance Primary School Blog

It has been so much fun having the grade 5s from Lakes Entrance P.S. at The Summit, the last 3 days. After the long bus ride, everyone was keen to get straight into camp life not before learning the Five Keys to camp of “Have fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Don't Go Home Wondering What If. Each tribe came up with their own name. Danny Doritos and The Warriors would be how each tribe would be identified from now on.

Day one saw each tribe complete the High Wire, a great act of bravery and balance as well as the Snake and Nails challenge. Well done to everyone who held Mitch (the snake) including Mitch (the student) and dominating the Nail board crossing.

Flying Fox was a lot of people’s favourite activity, soaring through the sky, over trees and water all to land on the landing platform. Ella was so brave and exceptional that she found the courage to run around to do it again. The Photo Scavenger Hunt had everyone racing around the park to gain points for finding random objects.

Scavenger Hunt Results:

Danny Doritos 480

Warriors 520

Sky Bridge was all about the journey of how far you wanted to go and if you fall what you do to get to the end goal. Jaydas and Coby were the perfect demonstrators of this, doing what they needed to keep going. Laser Skirmish was so much fun, playing army people and shooting each other. No one enjoyed this more than the teachers who got their own back on the students and had a great old laugh playing. The Monster Course finished off the day with two epic laps of the course. With only a second in it, the Warriors won with an improvement of 4.12 vs. Danny Doritos who improved by 4.11. Remember it was not a race against the other tribe; it was a race to better yourself and be your best.

The last day of camp saw you climb to the highest activity in the camp, The Summit Window. The view from up there and the support you showed was worth the effort of the climb. Snowy River Challenge was the last of the tribe challenges. Working together as one to get through the course in the fastest time, including the Wombat Hole if you wanted time off. Well done to both tribes but the winners were the Warriors who took 17.25 to get through the course, followed by The Danny Doritos who took 27.15.

At the end of camp, you voted for the person in your tribe who lived by The Summit 5 keys. Congratulations to Jaydas and Cleo for being awesome and being acknowledged by your tribe.

Remember to keep writing GMIC (Great Moments In Camp) for each other and you could turn that into GMIC (Great Moments In CLASS). We cannot wait to see you all back at The Summit real soon. Be Safe and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s break.

Timmay and Ella (The Summit Coaches)


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