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Langwarrin Park Primary School

It has been amazing to have the students and teachers from Langwarrin Park PS at The Summit for three days. With everyone ready to go, it was straight into a name game and tribes to find their names. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Extra Pickles, Trash, Chicken Nuggets, Chunky Lobsters, and Goats were our tribe names.

The Inflatables was a really fun activity playing as a human foosball player and then racing each other on the Adrenalin Rush. Laser skirmish saw everyone get their inner army person on as each tribe strategized tactics to get the least amount of re-spawns. High Wire was a great challenge of trust, heights and really setting your target, stretch, and super stretch. Abseil saw so many go outside their comfort zone to lower themselves down the 20-meter wall and even have a jump/bounce. Giant Swing was the highest activity for the camp with participants choosing to go to red, yellow, or to the top for green (22.5 metres).

The results from the group challenges are as follows:

Bush Challenge:

27. 20 was the time for Trash, 26.01 was the time for Goats, 25.10 was the time for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, 25.09 was good enough for the third for Chicken Nuggets, 24.50 was the second-place time for Extra Pickles but the winners with a great time of 22.34 was Chunky Lobsters.

Monster Course:

Each tribe really pushed their comfort zones as they completed the monster course. The results were Chunky lobster with an improvement of 3.15, Goats improved by 4.30, Chicken Nuggets improved by 6.41, third place was given to Trash who improved by 8.16, second was taken out by Extra Pickles who improved by 9.19 and the winners were Mickey Mouse Clubhouse who improved by 11.16. Well done everyone.

At the end of camp each tribe voted for the person from their tribe who lived by The Summit Five Keys (Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and Don’t Go Home Wondering What If). These values winners were rewarded with a ride in The Summit army tank. Congratulations to Stella, Jessie, Brogan, Shylah, Dakota, and Kobi. Thank you again to all the students and teachers from Langwarrin Park PS we look forward to seeing you again real soon.


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