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On the 14th of July, the grade five and six students from Maramba Primary School came to The Summit for a brand new experience and their first school camp since the pandemic locked us all down. The students and teachers were lucky enough to be greeted with some of the best weather we could hope for during these winter months which also had us coaches excited to be able to help the Maramba crew to unleash their greatness over the three days of challenges and opportunities for fun and growth we had planned for them.

After we welcomed the school to camp and our team of coaches explained to them the Five Keys that we would be focusing on while we were here at The Summit. The keys are Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and To Not Go Home Wondering What If.

With our goal to head out into the park and have as much fun as we could. We played a game of 50 Up in which the students succeeded in keeping our giant ball off the ground for over 50 touches that started our camp with a win!

We then broke off into our groups and began taking on the initiative challenges which included the Spider's Web, Gogo Stop, Key punch, and Tiles. These activities got the students working in their teams and let them take the initiative to start solving problems and practice those five keys.

After a quick snack break, we started our activity rotations which consisted of Tash's Ladder, Laser Skirmish, Scavenger Hunt, and High Wire. The activities gave the students a chance to experience both off the ground fear challenging moments and also a fun teamwork orientated game or two.

After the activities the school went back to the Tent Village to have dinner and unwind from the day before being treated to a game of Minute to Win It by Ella and Centauri. Everyone was full of big energy and ready to have fun! After ten rounds of games, the Flying Tacos came out on top for the night! Well done guys.

On day two we learned about setting an intention for our day and got right out into the activities again. After lunch, we had to cut one rotation of activities and planned to move it to Friday morning so that the students had more time to complete the Monster Course. That being said we still got one more rotation of our new activities in which were the Giant Swing, Orienteering, the Flying Fox, and the Inflatable City.

The Monster Course saw both students, teachers, and parents pushing themselves to their limits completing two laps of our track in the cold July temperatures. The group braved the waters of the argo nets and the mud pits and completed many puzzles along the way.

On lap 2, we saw teams 3 and 4 finish first with great improvement times followed by teams 1 and 2 that had decided to join up and finished the course as one unit!

The highest improvement time came from Group 4, the Menulog Mysteries, at 13 minutes and 15 seconds! The Super Stretchers came in a close second with an improvement of 8 minutes and 10 seconds. The combined teams of the Flying Tacos and the Zinger Boxes came in with an improvement of just under 6 minutes.

Not every student may have been able to complete the two laps, but everyone who was there did the best they could and played all in their own unique ways.

On day three we finished off the three rotations of activities a little later than expected but still got to go for a ride in the tank with our four Summit value winners: Amber, Lewis, Will, and Mia before watching Logan go down the drop slide and getting into the busses to head back home.

One big special shout out to Hadi who was always on the ball with helping to get the dishes done after and even during meals!

So many people that came to this camp showed us their best and achieved so many stretches and super stretches that we hope they can talk about for years to come.


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