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McClelland College Year 7 Camp 1Blog

It has been a pleasure having the year 7’s from McClelland College at The Summit for their camp from Monday to Wednesday. With everyone excited about getting started the information was given and it was time to head straight out into the park for camp to get started.

After a quick introduction and the first rotation of activities, each tribe came up with its own name and identity.

They are now:

The Legends

Moo Moo Moo’s

Tree Champions

Bein Chillin'

Here are the full results from the tribe challenges you had over your camp stay:

Scavenger Hunt:

Tree Champions - 315

Bein Chillin' - 420

Moo Moo Moo’s - 428

The Legends - 435 WINNERS!!

Snowy River Challenge:

The Legends - 41.04,

Tree Champions - 38.50,

Moo Moo Moo’s - 16.03

Being Chillin' - 14.03 WINNERS!!

Monster Course Improvement Times:

Bein Chillin' - 7.51

Moo Moo Moo’s - 7.55,

The Legends - 8.35

Tree Champions - 11.10 WINNERS!!

Well done everyone who participated in the challenges and really showed your all in play for these challenges.

There were so many highlights from camp that we would like to share. The GMICs were so well thought out and deserving to those who received them, it feels good to acknowledge someone else but also feels great when someone acknowledges the effort you are putting into your camp experience. Every tribe did so well with the hauling of the Giant Swing rope to get your tribe mates to the highlight they wanted to go to even if some groups were smaller, you would come from the big tower to lend a hand. The effort to climb the big tower for Abseil or the outside ladders to Leap of Faith was nothing short of impressive. Highwire and its tightrope walk was a big challenge and so many encouraging words were shared from the belay teams.

At the end of the camp, each tribe had the opportunity to vote for a Values winner who lived out the Five Keys of The Summit. Congratulations to Twyla, Harry, Xander, and Thomas for being voted the winners for your tribes.

Thank you once again to all the students and teachers who came to The Summit from McClelland College. We can not wait to see you back here real soon.


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