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Mordialloc College Year 7 Camp Blog

It has been an absolute pleasure having the year 7’s from Mordialloc College and their teachers at The Summit over the past three days. The weather definitely heated up for your camp but that did not stop you from having all the fun and really push yourself to unleash your own greatness.

After the introduction to camp and going over the five keys to have a great camp it was time to get out into the park and begin the activities. The initiatives were first, getting you to work together to solve a challenge and then come up with a tribe names:

Papa and the Smurfs



Better Capybara

Cuddly Koala

Nunko’s District 7


Nice Nines

Where Did Jack Go

Goofy Goobers



Super Summits

With fourteen groups not everyone was going to be able to do everything but we did try to make sure you had a good spread between the high, low, and mind challenging activities.

These are the results for the Bush Challenge which was completed by groups 8-14:

Super Summits - 36.08

Goofy Goobers - 34.52

Where did Jack Go - 33.14

Growlers - 32.05

T.B.C - 31.17

Nice Nines - 30.52

Better Capybara - 29.19 WINNER!!

These are the results for Snowy River Challenge which were completed by groups 1-7:

Papa and the Smurfs - 08.22* did not complete full course

District 7 - 29.04 *modified full course

Nunko’s - 27.01

Donkey's - 24.54

Cuddly Koalas - 21.00

Tinkerbelle’s - 17.00

Better Capybara - 12.27 WINNER!!

Monster Course was completed by all tribes and the results of the improvement time were as follows:

Where Did Jack Go - 4.33

Papa and the Smurfs - 5.01

District 7 - 6.19

Goofy Goobers - 7.21

Donkey - 7.27

T. B.C - 9.03

Better Capybara - 9.33

Capybara - 10.13

Super Summits - 12.14

Cuddly Koalas - 13.15

Nunko’s - 14.14

Nice Nines - 15.20

Tinkerbelle’s - 16.22

Growlers - 20.45 WINNER!!

At the end of camp, each tribe voted for a values winner. Unfortunately the reward of the tank was not able to happen it being overheated but we still would like to acknowledge the following people who lived by The Summit's Five Keys:

Ava Elijah Lochie

Wilmien Charlie Sarah

Graecian Jasmine Owen

Sebastian Aiden Marcus

Oscar Charlotte

It was hot throughout camp and I think we all can agree it was so nice to see the Zooper Doopers come out at the end of camp. Thank you to the teachers for all you help throughout camp but thinking about all of us with the icy poles was great.

Once again well done to everyone who came to the Summit for your year 7 camp. We can not wait to see you again in the near future.


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