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On Wednesday the 14th of September we welcomed an awesome bunch of legends. Thank you for making the trip down to The Summit. It was so awesome to see you all push yourself outside your comfort zones on numerous occasions. We all hope you had the best time playing all in with us.

Over the last two and a half days the students completed many activities that helped them push beyond their limits and achieve incredible super stretches. Something that helped the students use was the use of our Five Keys.

1. Have Fun

2. Play All In

3. Make Lots of Mistakes

4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

5. Don’t Go Home Wondering What If

These activities involved the students leaping off our big tower 12 meters in the air to grab our Leap of Faith bar and flicking upside down, racing each other on the Inflatable World, trusting the team had their back when it came to trust games, coming together as a team to complete the Snowy River Challenge and to get the blood pumping the students got the opportunity to climb 19 meters in the air lean back on the Summit Window let go with two arms and one leg. The fun doesn’t stop there, the year 10’s and 11’s navigated their way over the very wobbly Sky Bridge. Huge congratulations to those who found it challenging and kept going. Talk about getting comfortable being uncomfortable. During the student’s time at camp, we played many games to help warm up our bodies such as Jockeys, 50 Up, Yee Haw, Clap Ball and Pirates. We enjoyed having all the fun with you a lot. Remember to keep finding the fun in all you do.

Each morning we started it by setting ourselves up for success. The first morning we set ourselves morning intentions. A clear goal we wanted to achieve for our day. As the saying goes, 'Win the morning win the day.' On the second morning, we shared an incredible morning session about Gratitude and how powerful it is to start your day with all the things we have to be thankful for. In a world where you can be anything, be kind and grateful.

To all the students who set themselves a target, stretch, and super stretch we hope it helped you unleash all your inner greatness. Not only did you all crush it out on the activities you all played all in when completing not only one lap of the Monster Course but TWO. Incredible efforts to all those who gave it their very best. We hope now you have an incredible reference of how much more you can bring to the table when you don’t think you have anything else to offer. Every team improved by 5 minutes or more. Super impressive!!!!

To bring the night to a close, the students had some delicious pasta and garlic bread for dinner, followed by a self-ran trivia game and a well-needed sleep.

On the last day, we had a new lot of activities to complete. These include scurrying up the Rockwall, flying over The Summit's very own lake whilst on the Flying Fox, dodging and weaving through the small man-made Cave, running around The Summit to collect all the points for the Scavenger Hunt, balancing with a partner over the High Wire course and lastly getting to know our beautiful pet snake Monty and walking bare feet over a board of nails.

We hope after all these incredible experiences you felt accomplished and proud. You all crush every activity and gave it your very all. Hopefully, this means you won’t be going home wondering what if. Keep setting yourselves!

In our last rotation, the students nominated one person from each team who they believed played by our 5 Keys to the absolute max.

The people who were selected are as followed:

1. YETI CHUM = Frank

2. BRAVO= Kira

3. FANTA = Lucy

4. FANTASTIC 4 = Ella



Snowy River Challenge:

· 37.15

· 27.30. 3rd

· 26.36 2nd

· 43.34

· 18.05 1st

· 31.43

Monster Course improvement times:

· 5.25

· 5.14

· 10.20 1st

· 5.42

· 8:20 2nd

· 7:30 3rd


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