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Norwood Secondary College Blog

On Monday the 8th of August we welcomed 175 legends from Norwood Secondary. It was a pleasure to have you all. So many students pushed themselves outside their comfort zones on multiple occasions. What an incredible bunch of humans. You should all be enormously proud of yourselves. Over camp, there were many cool things to learn, such as The Summits Five Keys:

1. Have Fun

2. Play all In

3. Make Lots of Mistakes

4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

5. Don’t Go Home Wondering What If

Many of the students played all in and used these five keys on numerous occasions. So well done to you all, we hope you keep using these keys and keep having all the FUN!

To start camp off the students played a fun game of '50 Up'. Well done getting to fifty pulses. Once our bodies were warmed up it was time to split off into our groups. In total there were thirteen groups. Each team had an initiative to complete in 10 minutes and had the opportunity to create a team name. To those who successfully completed the initiative challenge well done, to those who didn’t, it led to a productive debrief of things to improve on for the next activity. Once the student then learnt how to put on a harness it was time to rock and roll.

The afternoon consisted of The Summit Window - climbing our BIG TOWER to the top of The Summit Window allowed the students to lean back twenty meters in the air letting go with both hands and one leg. What a prime example of getting comfortable being uncomfortable. The Bush Challenge and Snowy River Challenge had students working together in a team racing the clock, it involved climbing out things, over things, running around things and thinking outside the square. Well done to the teams who really worked together to get through the course. However, the fun didn’t stop there the students found themselves flying over The Summit's lake on the Flying Fox, running around navigating points for the Scavenger Hunt, dodging, ducking, and weaving in the Laser field and climbing up our small tower to complete Tash’s Ladder and climbing the Rock Wall. However, the fun did not stop there. The joy of having so many groups meant that there were many more activities to be completed such as… walking over the wobbly Sky Bridge with Logan, racing through the Inflatable world, slowly navigating through our dark small Cave and lastly the students got to walk along the Nail Board and then meet our pet snake, Mitch.

Awesome efforts to all those who unleased their greatness and hit their super stretches. You should all be immensely proud of yourselves. We hope that you keep giving everything your absolute best.

After a good night’s sleep and some delicious breakfast, it was time to start the day off by setting ourselves a morning intention. As the saying goes 'win the morning win the day'. We hope by thinking about who you wanted to be for the day and how you wanted to show up, help you achieve some incredible super stretches.

As the day passed by it was time to embark on The Summit's very own mud run, the Monster Course, what lovely weather we were blessed with that afternoon. Awesome efforts to every team who gave it their all. Not only did the students complete the course once but twice. What an incredible job! Each team was timed, the first one to see how fast they could go and the second was to see how much faster they could run the lap when they were wet, tired, and dirty. The Monster Course is all about reliance and seeing what you are truly capable of when you feel like you have nothing left in the tank. What a way to bring the afternoon to a close. Safe to say all the students were excited to jump in the warm shower and have some hot spaghetti with garlic bread for dinner followed by a movie in the Lodge.

As the next morning rolled around, we spent time thinking about all the things we must be grateful for in our world. We started our last two activities will a full cup of love for the things we have in our lives. When you take a second every day to think about all the things you are grateful for it's hard to be sad. Thank you to those who shared a few things they were grateful for.

To complete our final debrief we asked the students to vote for one person in the group who they believed truly embraced all of The Summit's Five Keys.

Congratulations to the following students:

1. Nathan

2. Heidi

3. Lilly

4. Georgia

5. Renae

6. Spencer

7. Jack C

8. Liv

9. Ziggy

10. Spencer

11. Ava

12. Izzy

13. Milla

Well deserved, keep crushing it. We hope you enjoyed your hot lap in our WW2 Army Tank.


1. Gravy Mix

2. Adams Apples

3. Spuds

4. Nackers

5. Fruit Loops

6. 16 sixers

7. Chicken dim sims

8. Toy Story

9. Fine 9

10. Eat 5 minutes before swimming

11. Ducks

12. Leathers

13. Chicken Nuggets


1. 0

2. 33.37

3. 32.14

4. 21.45

5. 20.45 3RD PLACE

6. 18.45 2ND PLACE

7. 18.05 1ST PLACE

8. 23.35

9. 30.33

10. 0

11. 0

12. 0

13. 0


1. 17.27 3RD PLACE

2. 0

3. 0

4. 0

5. 0

6. 0

7. 19.48

8. 9.08 1ST PLACE

9. 21.18

10. 29.07

11. 11.47 2ND PLACE

12. 21.22

13. 26.05


1. 11.02 3RD PLACE

2. 1.13

3. 10.05

4. 8.30

5. 6.36

6. 5.20

7. 10.00

8. 7.42

9. 11.36 2ND PLACE

10. 2.00

11. 5.52

12. 5.20

13. 14.35 1ST PLACE

The crew at The Summit wish you all the absolute best for the year ahead.

It was so nice to meet you all!


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