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It has been a pleasure to have the students and teachers from Preston High School at The Summit for the last 3 days for their year 9 camp. The energy was high and everyone just could not wait till we got into activities. So without much delay, it was straight into it, coming up with a name and moving to the first two activities for camp.

Jou and Friends, Pink Frogs, Earnings Check, Deathly Bush Turkeys, Hot Pockets, MTV Cribz, Tree, and THE were the names chosen.

Throughout camp students, teachers, and The Summit staff were encouraged to write a GMIC (Great Moments In Camp) people they saw do exceptional things while at camp. Congratulations to those who were acknowledged.

Here are some of the tribe challenge results:

Photo Scavenger Hunt: 8th Earnings Check with 580 points, 7th Hot pockets with 590, 6th Tree with 610, 5th Deathly Bush Turkeys with 640, 4th Jou and Friends with 660, 3rd Pink Frogs with 700, 2nd MTV Cribz with 720, and winning was THE with 730.

Snowy River Challenge: 8th went to Deathly Bush turkeys, 7th went to Hot Pockets, 6th went to Jou and Friends, 5th went to Tree, 4th went to Earning Check, 3rd went to Pink Frogs, 2nd went to THE and winning in a time of 15.00 was MTV Cribz.

Monster Course: Earning Check improved by 6.29, Pink Frogs improved by 7.29, Hot Pockets improved by 8.01, Tree improved by 10.30, Jou and Friends improved by 11.12, MTV Cribz improved by 11.34, Deathly Bush Turkeys improved by 12.09 and winning with an improvement of 16.13 was THE.

At the end of camp, each tribe voted for a values winner, a person who lived by the 5 Keys of camp. Well done to Tamer, Olivia, Zoe, P, Marcus, Alexia, Archie, Tom Heff, and Jacinta.

Thank you again to everyone who came to The Summit from Preston High School. We cannot wait to see you return to The Summit in the near future.


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