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Richmond High School Blog

The Summit team welcome Richmond High School on Monday the 7th of March. Thank you for making the trip down. On the first day, the students found themselves pushing themselves outside their comfort zones and achieving incredible goals they had set. The students did this with the help of our 5 keys.

They are:

1. Have Fun

2. Play All In

3. Make Lots of Mistakes

4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

5. Don’t Go Home Wondering What-If

A huge congratulations to every student who played all in over the past three days. You all crushed it out there. Over the last three days, the students found themselves conquering fears and expanding their comfort zones.

Each morning the students set themselves an intention and thought about all the things they had to be grateful for. As the saying goes win the morning win the day. Thank you to all the students who took the time to consider an intention for the day. We hope it helped you have a wicked day and kick some incredible goals.

To get our bodies moving each morning we played some epic games such as pirates, heads or tails and construction Crain. Once our bodies were warmed up and ready to go it was time to hit the ground running to complete some epic activities.

Over the students' stay at The Summit, they found themselves abseiling 18 meters down our big tower, raising the clock at The Summit's very own Bush Challenge, leaping 12 meters onto our Leap of Faith bar and hanging upside down, walking over the Nail board and hanging out with our pet snake Mitch, scurrying over the High Wire challenge,

navigating through our small, dark cold man-made cave, having all the fun at Inflatable World and navigating around The Summit to find all the landmarks at Orienteering.

OThe students had a fun-filled first night with an epic minute-to-win-it catered by our very own Summit staff. Congratulations to the teams who brought all their energy.

On the second day in the afternoon, the students absolutely demolished our Monster / Mud Run… Not once but twice. Well done to all of you for digging deep and giving everything your all. The first lap was to see how fast the students could go and the second was to see what improvement time they could get. Each team improved my 7 minutes or more. Incredible efforts all around.

Here at The Summit, we are all about helping individuals unleash their greatness on the daily. The coaches saw so many incredible moments over the three days. This is your reminder that you are all amazing humans. Keep sharing all the love and writing GMICS to each other.

The Summit team wish you all the absolute best for the journey ahead. Keep setting yourself goals and pushing yourself outside your comfort zones.

Many thanks,

From The Summit team.

Group names.

1. Cardigan Back-Yardigans

2. The Group

3. 6 Newsstand

4. Max’s Fault

5. Peach Eggplants

6. The Green Shed

7. Space Jams

8. Ocean’s 11


1. 28.52

2. 23.19 3rd place

3. 33.57

4. 21.14 1st place

5. 25.11

6. 23.00

7. 32.17

8. 22.20 2nd place


1. 7.24

2. 10.27

3. 13.26 3rd place

4. 14.15 1st place

5. 9.06

6. 11.04

7. 8.10

8. 13.28 2nd place


1. Otto

2. Leo

3. Al

4. Sophie

5. Malu

6. Alexi

7. Ari p

8. Harrison


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