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On Monday the 10th of October we welcome some absolute legends from Rochester Secondary College. Thank you all for making the trip down! We loved getting to know you over the past three days. To see you all push beyond your limits and accomplish things you didn’t think you could bring a smile to our hearts. We hope you continue to challenge yourselves and remind yourselves to push beyond what you think is possible. Because as we learnt somethings aren’t as bad as what we imagine them to be.

To kick off camp the students got settled into their accommodation and got ready for their activities. Before we hit the ground running, we shared our Five Keys with the students. We believe these keys will help your time at The Summit go from awesome to extraordinary. They are:

1) Have Fun

2) Play All In

3) Make Lots of Mistakes

4) Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

5) Don’t Go Home Wondering What If

It was so incredible to see many students take these 5 Keys on board and use them to step outside of their comfort zones on numerous occasions. We hope you continue to use these whilst unleashing your greatness.

To warm up our bodies before activities we played a game called 50 Up. at first, we were skeptical if it was possible… However, with a few rounds, we finally managed to get the 50 touches we were needing. Awesome efforts! It was now time to rock and roll, to get the teams working together we sent them off with our couches to complete some initiatives. These include lifting teammates and solving puzzles amongst our teams. Well done to those who completed the challenges. After every activity we got the students to discuss how they found the activities and how they believed they performed as a group. This then gave them things to work on or on the flip side, celebrate all the fun moments.

The fun did not stop there. To finish off the afternoon the students completed two rotations of activities, these included: swinging 26 meters in the air on the tallest swing in Victoria and putting our teamworking skills to the test as the students raced through the Bush Challenge. What a way to start our afternoon! In that time frame the students also created team names.



Each morning we started it by setting ourselves up for success. The first morning we set ourselves an intention. A clear goal we wanted to achieve for our day. As the saying goes, 'Win the morning win the day.' On the second morning, we shared an incredible session about Gratitude and how powerful it is to start your day with all the things we have to be thankful for. In a world where you can be anything be kind and grateful.

To all the students who set themselves a target stretch and super stretch we hope it helped you unleash all your inner greatness. Not only did you all crush it out on the activities you all played all in when completing not only one lap of the Monster Course but TWO. Incredible efforts to all those who gave it their very best. We hope now you have an incredible reference of how much more you can bring to the table when you don’t think you have anything else to offer. Every team improved by 9 minutes or more. Super impressive!!!!

It was so incredible to see you getting around one another. Don’t forget to do that when you are back at school. People don’t remember what you say… they remember how you make them feel.

In the last two days, the students had some new activities to tackle. This involved abseiling 18 meters down our BIG TOWER, taking on our wobbly Sky Bridge, trusting each other on the Trust Game activities, racing the clock whilst completing the Rock Wall, leaping off the 12-meter platform at the Leap of Faith and lastly getting to know our pet snakes and walking over a bed of nails. Even though you were tired on the last day The Summit Team would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU for playing all in. During our last rotation, we got the students to vote for 2 people who they believed lived by our five keys and gave everything a good go. Congratulations to the following winners:

1. Flynn & Amy

2. Brock & Chelsea

Monster Times: Bush Challenge:

1. 9.00 1. 11.59

2. 8.10 2. 21.19

The Summit Team would like to thank you all for all your hard work. We enjoyed seeing you all come together a bit more as a cohort. Remember to keep pushing yourself outside your comfort zones.

Sending big Smiles and cheers from The Summit Team in BLUE

Ava - You always stepped outside of your comfort zone and gave everything a good crack.

Jordy - You were a true stand-out, always happy to lend a hand to your teammates.

Amy - Despite all the challenges you were faced with, you still carried yourself with such a hardworking and courageous attitude.

Brooklyn - You are a quiet achiever, however, you are always willing to try new things and smile your way through anything.

Ethan - Was an incredible leader, always there to support your team however and whenever you could.

Flynn - Every opportunity you were faced with you took it head on. Well done crushing all your super stretches.

Pepper - your smile and personality could light up a whole room. Never change your magnificent soul.

Nat - Your humbling personality was inspiring, you never hesitated to encourage those around you.

Miranda - During the Monster Course, you showed incredible leadership and determination.

Cooper - It was awesome to see you give all the activities a good hard crack. Nothing was ever too big or too small.

Chelsea - You have a heart of gold. You were always there for anybody in the team who needed support.

Justice - Your determination to accomplish your very best was world-class. You are a true team player.

Tisha - The enthusiasm you brought to trying new things was inspiring, you were always keen to try new things with a big smile and wicked attitude.

Trey - The team is lucky to have you a part of it. Although you are a quiet achiever, it was nice to see you crush your goals.

Lachlan - The team is lucky to have such a caring friend like yourself, always willing to help when you can.

Brock - There was never a moment when you didn’t give each activity your very best, despite being nervous or unsure. Very brave.

Hannah - You showed incredible initiative whilst at camp. Always seeing the bigger picture, and lending a hand to those around you without being asked

Payton - You are an absolute pocket rocket, always the life of the party. Never a dull moment when you are around. Thank you for all the laughs.


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