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Rosebud Secondary College - Yr 9 - 11

It was an absolute pleasure having the leadership group from Rosebud year 9-11 at The Summit for their three day camp from the 7th - 9th of December. Once settled into camp life it was straight into the first keys of Having Fun and Playing All In during the Inflatable Challenge and the Laser Skirmish. With new rotations came new tribe makeups so everyone could get to know each other and from different year levels, house, or leadership positions.

Summit Window was the highest of the challenges for camp and everyone did amazing tackling it. High Wire had so much encouragement flowing throughout the entire activity with many opting to challenge themselves and do it blindfolded and really needing their tribemates to guide them.

Giant Swing was thrilling for some and terrifying for others but once again really required everyone to help their tribe achieve their goal of getting to the height they desired.

Snowy River was the first of the tribe vs. tribe challenges. Green and Red teamed up against Blue and Yellow. Great effort from both tribes but the winning tribe was Blue and Yellow who completed the course in 10.42 vs. 14 .03 from the Green and Red houses.

Monster Course was utterly amazing with so much positive encouragement cheered on from everyone participating. Running, helping hands, carrying tires, everyone did their part. Winners of the Monster Course were Timmay’s tribe who improved by 8.08 and Jackie’s tribe improved by 6.56.

On the last day of camp, everyone took on the Leap of Faith, jumping for the bar and mentally challenging themselves to leap for that split second. Cave was also on the last day with the dark and using your other senses needed to find your way through the cave system.

At the end of camp, everyone had the opportunity to vote for a person who demonstrated the Five Keys of The Summit Camp. These people were rewarded with a hot lap in the army tank.

Congratulations to Ella Hilton, Jordan, Lilly, and Hudson who were voted as the outstanding leaders of the camp.

Thank you again for coming to The Summit for your camp and we cannot wait to see you return in the near future.


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