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Scotch College Hawthorn Yr 5 Camp Blog

On Tuesday 13th of June 2023, a group of legends from Scotch College began an epic 4-day adventure at The Summit. What an awesome 4 days we had planned! Your energy to get started was incredible.

Day 1 started off by introducing the coaches that guided you through your experience at The Summit.

Your coaches were Logan, Spinks, Sam, Mim, Sarah, Zoe, and Marcus. Next, we introduced you to our Summit Five Keys that if we’re used, would make camp go from good to great!

The Five Keys to camp we learned all about are:

1. Have Fun

2. Play All In

3. Make Lots of Mistakes

4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

5. Don’t Go Home Wondering ‘What If’

Next, we got straight into the action with our famous Monster Course! There was lots of funky music and energy surrounding the park while all teams were waiting for their team names to be called up to the start line. The course was full of fun, excitement, and hard work. After the first lap of the course, we gave you a surprise, you were to do the course all again! All teams absolutely crushed the course and it was all done through your positive energy and determination! The monster course gave you all evidence that we are all more capable than we think we are. This gave us exactly what we needed to get the most out of the rest of camp.

Day 2 began with Logan asking us who we wanted to BE for the day and helping us realize that everything we do is a choice! To be GREAT and do your best, or to give up and quit when things get hard.

You all then played a massive game of Huckle Buckle! What a great way to start the morning by getting the body moving! Day 2 was made up of 3 out of the 7 activities that you participated in throughout camp.

The 7 activities that you all engaged in were as follows:

Scavenger Hunt, unleashing your competitiveness between the 2 teams to see who could complete varied challenges as a whole unit in the given time.

Orienteering, navigating throughout the entire park to try and unlock riddles to gain as many points as possible. Giant Swing, testing what it will take to let go of our fear and trust the process, letting go of “what if…”

Snowy River challenge, the ultimate test of teamwork and support involving a race through 5 obstacles as fast as possible to beat the opposing team's time. Great work Edward on helping get in the water to help the rest of the team get across the log.

Flying Fox, a fast and furious journey across the entire park flying through the air enjoying the spotlight.

Inflatables, breaking up some of the action with more action focusing on just having fun!

Initiative Challenge, working as a team to conquer 3 different team challenges. Realizing that every challenge needed the entire team to cooperate and work together! Amazing work Potato Chads on the fastest time to complete the Key Punch challenge.

Day 3 was already on the horizon! What a huge day we had planned for you! Starting off the day with an intentions session with Spinks, focusing on how we use our words. “Words are free, it’s how you use them that may cost you!”. We then played a big game of Jockeys. Unleashing your competitive spirit! The rest of the day consisted of your next 4 activities. In your final activity, you got the opportunity to vote for someone in your team that played to all the 5 keys throughout camp. What a huge action-packed day with lots of time in between activities to discuss with your friends all the epic things that happened. To finish up day 3 you all had your red faces night. How awesome was that!?

Day 4 was here already! The last day of camp has arrived, with mixed emotions, some were sad to be leaving but grateful to be going home. Day 4 began with Logan sharing the power of gratitude. With the incredible GMICs that you all wrote to each other, the appreciation for those around you was strong!

With all the activities for camp complete you all had one final task. You had to find the mystical creatures around the park! These creatures weren’t just any creatures though, they only responded to certain actions or words. The team that got the most mystical creatures to respond to them would become the winner! Great work Potato Chads on a well-earned victory.

What an awesome 4 days we had with you Scotch College, it was a pleasure.

Thank you!

Keep Unleashing Your Greatness!


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