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Spensley St Primary Camp Blog

The students and staff from Spensley St Primary arrived on the 16th of November - and boy did they bring some epic people with them! As soon as you all got off the bus, we knew we were going to have an awesome few days. When you arrived you got some time to get settled in and then it was into some introductions. Sarah, Sam, and Ash had the amazing opportunity to meet you all shortly after you unpacked and Ash and Sarah then introduced you to five epic things - our Five Keys! After you learned about how to set some awesome goals, we challenged you to use the Five Keys while you were in the park. They were: Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and Don't Go Home Wondering What If. You all rose to the occasion and it was so cool to watch!

After all our introductions we hit the park and jumped into our activities, it was amazing to watch you all already pushing your boundaries! The first thing we did were initiatives, where we put our teamwork skills to the test as we jumped into the deep end to problem-solve and communicate together, we all learned so much from the initiatives and we were ready to start the bigger activities, the first three you would’ve tried were: Giant Swing, Inflatables and Bush Challenge. We got to push your limits on the Giant Swing as you got pretty high in the air and had the scary task of pulling the cord to begin swinging, and boy did you all crush it! Inflatables was an epic way to verse your own teammates and you got to create a healthy bit of rivalry between you to see which of you was faster or could score the most goals Bush Challenge was a true test of teamwork, where you were all timed through an obstacle course. The group times were as follows: the Toucans came in third with an impressive time of 37 minutes and 10 seconds, the Squared Circles came in second with an epic 29 minutes and 36 seconds and that means that the Donald Ducks took out first place, smashing the course in 23 minutes and 31 seconds! After you got to try one of those activities, we finished off Wednesday with Tribe Identity where you all were able to make a team flag and chant. We had such an awesome opportunity to pass the flag around the group by acknowledging who stood out to us during the activities and why.

On Thursday, you were completing whatever you hadn’t done on Wednesday and you also got to try one of the activities: Abseil, Summit Window, or Scavenger Hunt. At the top of our massive tower, we had Abseil and Window where you got to use Target, Stretch, and Super Stretch to keep expanding your comfort zone the higher you got. Sarah and Ash were honored to see some incredible things up the tower with you guys, we are so proud of every single one of you! Sam lead you through our epic Scavenger Hunt where you got the opportunity to beat the other teams and get a higher score, Sam got to see your competitive sides, with Donald Ducks being hungry enough to take the win with 550 points, closely followed by our second place team: the Squared Circles on 322 points and taking out third place were the Toucans with an awesome 290 points! After you got to try one of those activities it was time for an epic game of Jockeys and then it was into our long-awaited Monster Course! We got absolutely filthy, we had so much fun and you pushed yourselves as hard as you could! You got an awesome time for your lap but then Sarah broke it to us that throughout all of camp we were pushing you to be incredible humans and we knew you could keep pushing yourself even though you may not have believed her, so off you went again! We did a second lap and it was so epic, we pushed your boundaries yet again, in probably the biggest way we ever could! You worked incredibly as a team, you improved on your time, and you worked out how to be a little faster in places but above all, you looked out for and supported each other the best you could! Each team improved heaps, Donald Ducks improved by 4 minutes, Toucans improved by 11 minutes and 57 seconds but the Squared Circles improved by a whopping 15 minutes flat, incredible job!!

Happy Birthday, Kitty!

On Friday you got to experience the last two activities you haven’t tried yet and it was amazing to watch you all continue using the 5 Keys and the Target, Stretch, and Super Stretch all the way to the bus - you should all be super proud of yourselves, you crushed camp and left everything out in the park! During your last rotation, you got to vote for one of your teammates from your activity group, you would have voted for them because you recognized how well they were using the 5 Keys and they stood out to you over the course of your camp, the people your cohort ended up voting for were: Ben, Josh, and Jhona! You should all be very proud of yourselves, you’ve been recognized by your teammates for truly embodying what camp it’s all about, well done!

What an epic way to spend three days! Thank you so much for joining us on such an epic journey, you’re all such awesome people! Keep pushing yourselves!

All the love,

Sarah, Sam, and Ash


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