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St Thomas Aquinas College Camp Blog

It was an absolute privilege to have had the year 7 – 11 girls and teachers from St Thomas Aquinas College attend camp at The Summit! 3 days filled with fun, laughter, and even tears and you all definitely unleashed your greatness. Ella, Logan, Yves, and Calarnee (Jess/Ash), had an incredible time seeing you grow! From day one you proved to us that you were going to take our Five Keys on board:

1. Have Fun

2. Play All In

3. Make Lots of Mistakes

4. Get Comfortable being Uncomfortable!

5. Don’t Go Home Wondering What If

The rain that was pouring did not stop us from having fun and playing all in. We shortly got into 3 groups:

1. Party Girls

2. Procados

3. Cheezels

Where some groups used key number 3 and made lots of mistakes as we tested your teamwork in an initiative game, however, this gave your team room for growth, and you all exceeded our expectations and became 3 awesome teams throughout the rest of camp. During our time at camp, we completed a heap of wicked activities.

Abseiling – so many of you pushed past your comfort zones, climbed up 20 meters, and faced your fears by abseiling down our big tower.

The Summit Window – back at the big tower, you climbed even higher than the abseiling!

The Flying Fox – you got to fly!

Snowy River Challenge – where you all played all in and worked incredibly as a team.

Laser Skirmish – you all played all in and had so much fun.

Scavenger Hunt – the team who played all in the most would be the winning team!

Inflatable City – a bit of healthy competition and even more fun!

Leap of Faith – You all were so brave and took a leap of faith and faced your fears!

Giant Swing – Together in pairs, your team pulled you up the giant swing to the height of heights and you all got comfortable being uncomfortable!

To help get the most out of these activities, we shared with you a goal-setting strategy which we hope you all take with you outside of camp as well,

Target – something you KNOW you can do.

Stretch – something that you THINK you can do.

Super Stretch – the thing that SEEMS impossible.

You all proved that IT IS possible as you reached your super stretches! A big super stretch for many people was finishing the Monster Course. The course was filled with mud, water, and so much fun! You ran in your teams for a bit of healthy competition. However, in life and camp, we are only ever competing against ourselves, that is why we surprised you with a 2nd lap! The 2nd lap was to show you what you are truly capable of! Just when you thought you were done, you picked yourselves back up, worked as a team, and got each other through hardship, and a lot of you managed to still have a big smiles on your face!

After all the activities were done, each team reflected on the past couple of days and voted for someone who lived and breathed by our Five Keys. Katie, Philly, and Marie were voted and to reward them, they got to go for a hot lap in our World War 2 army tank!

Thank you all for your efforts over camp, it was an honor to see you all unleash your greatness! Some things we hope you take away with you – you are in control of your state (your physiology, focus, and language). Regardless of the activity, the weather, etc., you get to decide who YOU want to be, and what you want to do. Finally, find gratitude every day, and continue writing GMICs in your own way.

We are thankful for everyone who made this camp one to remember! Best of luck for the rest of the year, we hope to see you again soon!

- The Summit crew.


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