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Sunshine College West Campus Blog

On Wednesday the 3rd of August, the year 10s of Sunshine College arrived at The Summit, ready for the adventure they have ahead!

To begin camp, the students met their coaches Ella, Steph (Spinks), Marcus, Adam, Mim, Sophie and Rohan.

Over their time at The Summit, we saw so many people unleash their greatness by following our 5 keys:

1. Have Fun

2. Play All In

3. Make Lots of Mistakes

4. Get Comfortable being Uncomfortable

5. Don’t go home Wondering ‘What If’

To achieve greatness, the students pushed themselves outside of their comfort zones by setting a target, stretch and super stretch. You all found out what you are truly capable of, and it was epic to see how much you all grew individually and as a team.

The legendary teams were:

1. The Northers

2. Team Dream

3. Fresh Milk

4. Philadelphia Eagles

5. Night Team

6. Cereal

Starting with our initiative activities, we tested the groups to see how they could work together as a team.

The teams had all the fun at Inflatable City as things got a bit competitive through the adrenaline rush and game of Human Foosball! You all worked together to get through the Snowy River Challenge, with a fun surprise through the wombat hole at the end! You started pushing your comfort zone at the Flying Fox, to realize that it’s epic to fly across a huge lake! You all proved you were more capable than you thought as a heap of people climbed all the way to the top of the Rockwall! To get an awesome view of the park you pushed your limits and climbed all the way up Tash’s Ladder. For another awesome view looking over the countryside, you truly pushed your comfort zones as you Abseil down our 20-meter Big Tower! You all proved to us that you were here to have fun as you all played all in during our games of Jockeys, Huckle Buckle, Pirates, and the water balloon fight!

Finally, you all absolutely crushed our Monster Course! Flying through the course, you all ended it feeling tired, exhausted, and cold and everyone was super muddy. We then told you it is not over, and we were about to do the whole thing again. “How do you show up when things get tough?”, you all blew us away with how resilient you were to run the 2nd lap, with every team improving their times.

Throughout the rotations of activities, one person stood out from the rest of the group and the students voted them as their team’s values winner:

1. Frank

2. Mr. Kassim

3. Annika

4. Tim

5. Reece

6. Calvin

As a reward for the values winners, they got to go for a hot lap in our army tank!! Thank you all for your efforts, for playing all in and having all the fun.

Best of wishes for the rest of your year!


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