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Templeton PS Year 6 Camp Blog

What a way to finish off term 3 by having the grade six students and their teachers from Templeton PS at The Summit. The weather turned it on for the camp and the excitement was everywhere. After the introductions to camp, it was time to get out and begin with an initiative and tribe name.

They are now known as:

  1. Gucci Spongebob’s

  2. Mighty Cheetos

  3. Threedom

  4. Kool Pineapples

  5. Mighty Ducks

  6. VI

  7. Dipla Donkases

There were so many amazing efforts from so many people in each tribe, so much so that the G.M.I.Cs were flowing out as people were being acknowledged for their bravery, help, and support. Well done, if you wrote a G.M.I.C. or received one.

Here are the results from all the tribe challenges of camp.

Scavenger Hunt:

Dipla Donkases 410 points

VI 420 points

Mighty Ducks 530 points

Gucci Spongebob's 620 points

Threedom 670 points

Mighty Cheetos 700 points

Kool Pineapples 710 points = Winners!

Bush Challenge:

Dipla Donkases 38.56

Kool Pineapples 34.29

Mighty Cheetos 33.27

Gucci Spongebob’s 32.09

Mighty Ducks 31.17

VI 30.26

Threedom 29.42 = Winners!

Monster Course Improvement Time:

Gucci Spongebob’s 5.49

Mighty Ducks 6.12

Mighty Cheetos 9.27

Kool Pineapples 9.40

Threedom 9.47

VI 10.22

Dipla Donkases 11.22 = Winners!

Well done everyone for your efforts in the Monster Course. The highlight of the Monster Course was the epic mud play after the course was finished and everyone including the teachers turned into mud monsters!

At the end of camp, each tribe voted for a Values winner per group. These individuals were gifted with the opportunity to go on the Giant Swing. Congratulations to Addison, Max G, Michael, Jackson, Kushi, Ollie, Alex, and Rohaan.

Thank you again to everyone from Templeton PS and good luck for the rest of grade six and good luck for high school next year.

Be safe and unleash your Greatness.


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