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Tulliallan PS Year 6 Camp Blog

It has been a pleasure for The Summit to have the grade 6 students and teachers from Tulliallan PS with us for 3 days. The energy and excitement that was felt from day one continued throughout the entire camp. After the initial greeting and rules of the camp, it was time to get out into the park and begin the epic 10 rotations of activities.

Each tribe came to camp with an Australian animal name but each also added their extra input to jazz that name up. So we welcomed the Winning Wombats, the Determined Dingoes, the Curious Quirky Quokkas, the Boxing Kangaroos, The Plump Platypi, the Fearless Emus, Kooky Kookaburras, George Koala, the Fiery Echidnas and the Wonder Galars. We all loved the names you had for your tribes.

There were so many amazing moments at camp and so many GMICs that we could not read out that we passed them on to the teachers to read back at school.

Here is the full list of results from the tribes' challenges.

Bush Challenge:

Fiery Echidnas = 41.21

Fearless Emus = 38.05

Plump Platypi = 37.07

George Koala = 35.49

Determined Dingoes = 35.42

Kooky Koalas = 35.2

Wonder Galars = 35.01

Boxing Kangaroos = 34.42

Winning Wombats = 34.42

Curious Quirky Quokkas = 20.00 WINNER!!!!

Snowy River Challenge:

Boxing Kangaroos = 45.53,

Determined Dingoes = 37.30,

Winning Wombats = 35.07,

Plump Platypi = 34.46,

Fiery Echidna = 32.54,

Fearless Emus = 28.43,

George Koala = 27.59,

Wonder Galars = 27.22,

Kooky Kookaburra = 21.12

Curious Quirky Quokkas = 15.55 WINNER!!!!

Monster Course:

Determined Dingoes = 29.41,

Fearless Emus = 26.54,

Plump Platypi = 25.33,

Boxing Kangaroos = 24.07,

Curious Quirky Quokkas = 22.35,

Kooky Kookaburras = 21.27,

Winning Wombats = 19.14,

Wonder Galars = 17.30,

Fiery Echidnas = 17.10

George Koala = 16.29 WINNER!!!!

Well done to all tribes.

At the end of camp, you voted for your Values winners, that is the person you recognized who lived out the Five Keys for the best camp (Have Fun, Play All In, Make Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and Don’t Go Home Wondering What If). Cheers to Andrianna, Maheen, Samar, Arika, Amanda, Ollie, Ahaan, Jordan, Gemma, and Jackson.

We once again thank and congratulate the students of Tulliallan PS for an amazing camp and wish you all the best for the rest of the year and at high school.

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