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Hello Term 2 and welcome back Wheelers Hill SC year 10’s and teachers to The Summit. After settling into camp, the group broke off to do an initiative and had to come up with tribe names.

They are:

Timmy Time

Disco Ducks

Brave Chicken Tenders

Golden Legends

Mr. G’s

The Vipers

The Pittys

Here are some of the highlights and results from camp; Timmy Time was amazing at their tribe's effort to make sure everyone was supported throughout the Bush Challenge. The way you supported Krissy up the Mud Wall and then everyone through the Foam Pit was sensational. Alyssa from Mr. G’s was the only female to make it to the top of the Rock Wall overhang for the entire Wheelers Hill.

Bush challenge results are as follows:

Disco Ducks = 29.19

The Pittys = 27.08

Timmy Time = 27.01

Brave Chicken Tenders = 25.21

The Vipers = 24.38

Mr. G’s = 22.48

Golden Legends = 22.14 first place!!

Monster course results:

Mr. G’s improved by 5.20

The Vipers improved by 6.00

Disco Ducks improved by 11.23

Timmy Time improved by 12.27

The Pittys improved by 12.42

Brave Chicken Tenders improved by 12.54

winning with an improved time of 13.12 was Golden Legends!!

At the end of camp, each of your tribes voted for their values winner, the person who lived by the Five Keys of camp. These people would be rewarded with a hot lap in The Summit's army tank. Congratulations to Amanay, Kiara, Daniel, Will, Seb, Carla, and Zach.

Thank you again to everyone who came to The Summit for your camp.

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