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Williamstown High School

We had the absolute pleasure of having Williamstown Secondary come to the Summit and show us what they got!

Four groups formally known as One, Two Three and Four; were now

-Ohana (1),

-Twodoodles Turtles (2),

-Chips & Gravy(3)

and DuctTape (4) and they were ready to play!

We started with a large group game of fifty up and on the third try we achieved 69.! We then moved straight into our initiative where we got to know each other a bit better.

From there it was time to start our first four rotations of camp. These were; Giant swing, Snake and Nails, Flying Fox and Bush Challenge. Some special mentions go out to Laura who at first did not want to participant in the foam pit at the Bush Challenge, however after some help of her tribe members she trusted her tribe and ended up doing it TWICE! Also to Kate for stepping outside her comfort zone on Fly Fox and Giant Swing going to yellow! After a great first day everyone was eager to see what the rest of the week was going to be like.

Day Two and what a monster it was going to be! First we kicked it off with a game of jockeys, here Lochy and Ed showed us how fast and competitive they were betting all the other pairs quite confidently. After we were warmed up and ready to tackle the day ahead, first we finished off the rest of our first rotations and with a new strategy in mind; Target, Stretch and Super Stretch. Our next four rotations included; Leap of Faith, Tash's Ladder, Laser Skirmish and Cave. There was loads of fun being had during laser with commando roll after commando roll and tribes members striving for the most kills. All groups were super quite and respectful in the cave with a special mention to the Ohana tribe working together to get everyone to have a go.

In the afternoon it was finally time to conquer the Monster Course! All teams were ready and pumped for the obstacles they lay ahead and it goes without saying that all tribes showed a great amount of teamwork and leadership throughout the TWO laps. It was amazing to see so many of you doubted your ability to complete a second lap and then to surprise yourself when you did, WHAT A GREAT FEELING!!

Day Three and the final day of camp, what better way to get pumped and ready then to get your body moving and GET LOOSE. With two rotations left, we continued to see you all push yourself outside your comfort zones. Some mentions go out to Ethan, who hesitated on Tashs Ladder and Leap of faith, only to fully complete BOTH activities. We also had Tia and Violet who both surprised themselves on Tash’s ladder with how far they could go and Jessica who smashed her goals at the Leap of Faith. At your final activity we asked you to name one person within your tribes who really stood up and gave their all to camp. These people were Hodgey (1), Violet (2), Ella (3) and Ella and Harry (4) were rewarded with a hot lap in our WWII ARMY TANK!!!

Thank you so much to Williamstown for coming out and really embracing camp and all the challenges we gave you. We were all super impressed with you all and had so much fun while you were here. We hope to see you back here again.

Don’t forget to keep unleashing your greatness!!

- Liv, AJ, Jackie & Bec


Bush Challenge

1st Place = Chips and Gravy 13.40min

2nd Place = Ohana 16.59min

3rd Place = Twodoodle Turtles 22.09min

4th Place = Duct Tape 22.13min

Monster Course (Difference time)

1st Place = Ohana -6.50min

2nd Place =Twodoodle Turtles -4.45min

3rd Place = Duct Tape - 2.30min

4th Place = Chips and Gravy + 2.57min


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