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Yinnar Primary School Blog

It has been a pleasure to have the students and teachers from Yinnar Primary School at The Summit for a sensational 3-day camp. As a local school and new to camp, I do not know who was more excited, the students, teachers, or us, The Summit staff members.

After a whole grounds briefing and the run-through of the Five Keys, it was time to split into each tribe for an initiative and team name. Muddy Chickens, Yinnar Bolts, Level Up and Warriors were now the tribes and it was time for some serious fun. Coden was amazing at the Snowy River Challenge, falling into the water, laughing it off, and helping his tribe continue with the challenge. The results from this were Muddy Chickens 23.59, Warriors 23.27, Level Up 23.15, and winning with a time of 22.40 was the Yinnar Bolt.

Bush Challenge was exactly that, a challenge in the bush. As another obstacle course with an emphasis on teamwork and working together, each tribe moved as one throughout the course. Congratulations to Muddy Chickens who were the fastest tribe in a time of 24.13, followed by Level Up with 26.32, close behind was Warriors in 26.45, and in fourth was Yinnar Bolt.

The Cave was a really different challenge going underground through the pitch-black tunnel. So much bravery shown and laughs had while sitting in the dark.

The Monster Course was all about the “mud”. When we talk about mud it was hard for us to go past the mud monster himself, Rory covered head to toe in thick, smelly mud. Very committed to “playing all in”. The results were Muddy Chickens with an improved time of 7.42, Level Up improving by 8.03, Warriors improving by 8.20, and winning with a brilliant improvement of 11.51 was Yinnar Bolt.

At the end of camp, each tribe member voted for a person in their tribe who lived by the 5 keys, Have fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and Don’t go wondering What If. The person from each tribe who got the most votes would be rewarded for their efforts with a ride in The Summit army tank. Congratulations to Tiana from Muddy Chickens, Riley P from Level Up, Jay from Warriors, and Elwood who won but was so noble and generous that he gave his turn to Coden as he had already been in the tank from a previous visit. That is why you were voted for your tribe members, Elwood.

Thank you again to all the students and teachers from Yinnar Primary School. We cannot wait to see you again real soon. Timmay, Mia, Kyle, and Liam.


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