Mt. Eliza S.C 22nd-24th February 2012

Mt. Eliza Secondary College was at the Summit for a 3 day program from Wednesday 22nd to Friday 24th of February, 2012. Split into 7 groups, the time these guys spent here was jam packed of activities including initiatives, the giant swing, leap of faith, snake and nails, flying fox, sky bridge, laser skirmish, rock climbing, water slide and the famous monster course. The journey each individual and group undertook during their time here was different and unique in their own way. We congratulate the people who stepped up and reached targets and continued to stretch and super- stretch themselves; whether it be the achievement of climbing that tower, running whilst blindfolded across the sky walk, helping others across the tyre bridge during Monster, to making new friends within the year 7 cohort.

A special mention goes to the following:

  • Jess A for limitless enthusiasm
  • Nick for jumping off the Leap of Faith
  • Marcus for incredible dance moves
  • Tristan for climbing the tower
  • Team Bulls for inspirational efforts on Leap of Faith- special mention to Jen
  • Danger Cheese for coming together on Monster
  • 12 Musketeers for winning Monster
  • Well done to all who pushed themselves on the swing, from Sammy
  • Steph for her courage on Leap of Faith
  • The birthdays!

I hope that no matter who you are, which group you were in, or how far you stretched throughout your time here, that you take home and understand and apply some of the things we have hoped to teach you here. Whether it be applying GAS or the Target, Stretch, Super Stretch model to everyday life in things such as sport, music, relationships and school to continuing to form and strengthen friendships, being true to yourselves, having the courage to achieve the things you wish and helping each other out whenever possible.

Thanks again for a wonderful three days,

The Summit Team

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